Syrian archeologists participate in Bridge of Civilizations Conference in Hungary

2018-05-06 13:04:37

Activities of “Bridge of Civilizations, the Near East and Europe between 1100 and 1300 AD” Conference wrapped up activities in the Hungarian capital of Budapest on Sunday with participation of a Syrian delegation representing the General Directorate for Antiquities and Museums (DGAM).

Director General of DGAM Mahmoud Hammoud said, in his speech during the conference, that the destruction which was caused by the terrorist organizations against the Syrian archeological sites has not only affected the cultural heritage of the country, but also the history of humanity in general.

For their part, the Syrian archeologists briefed the conference on the significant archeological works and studies underway in Syria.

They also highlighted the most important activities and archeological discoveries which were uncovered by the joint Syrian Hungarian expedition in al-Marqab and Krak des Chevaliers castles

Archeologists and researchers from Britain, the US, Italy, France, Cypress, Egypt, in addition to a group of Syrian students studying at Pázmány Péter Catholic University participated in the 2-day conference.