Arab Writers Union expresses firm stance in support of unity of Syrian soil

2018-01-13 15:52:35

Secretary General of the Arab Writers Union (AWU), Habib Al-Sayegh, highlighted the firm stance of the Union in support of the unity of Syrian soil and the resistance against attempts of undermining the national state as well as the right of the Syrian people to determine future of their country.

Delivering a speech at the opening of periodic meeting of the Permanent Bureau of the Arab Writers General Union in Damascus on Saturday, al-Sayegh  stressed the Union’s rejection of all forms of foreign meddling in the Syrian affairs.

He considered the Union’s meeting in Damascus as a message of solidarity with the Syrian writers and citizens.

Head of Arab Writers Union of in Syria, Nidal al-Saleh,  said that “Damascus is the beating heart of Arabism,” adding that Damascus is defending all Arab causes.

Delegations from 15 Arab countries, in addition to Syria, participate in this meeting.