Syria reelected vice-president of Arab Artists Union

2017-11-08 13:50:28

Chairman of Syrian Artists Syndicate Zuhair Ramadan on Wednesday said that the reelection of Syria as vice-president of Union of Arab Artists is a gesture of appreciation of Syria’s position in the Union and the remarkable development of Syrian drama.

The Union’s General Secretariat, which convened recently in Cairo, reelected Syria as vice-president for the second round in a row.

In a statement to reporters, Ramadan said that the Syrian Artists Syndicate has a special place in the Arab art scene, as indicated by the positive reaction of audience towards its activities, citing the large turnout for its activities during the Syrian cultural week held in Tunisia in September.

Ramadan said that Syria played a key role in developing the work of the Arab Artists Union through enhancing communication, cooperation, and coordination among its members.

He wished the Arab drama further progress and prosperity so that it may reflect the aspirations of the Arab audience.