Syrian Cartoonist Khalil wins international award in Belgium

2017-10-16 11:29:30

Syrian cartoonist Raed Khalil won the 3rd International Award at 7th De Geus International Competition in Belgium.

325 artists from 63 states participated in the competition which was held under the title “Man and Water.”

Cartoonist Khalil won through an artistic work depicting a drop of water on the shape of a “tea bag” which sends a clear message to the world warning against the situation of desertification and drought reached by the earth.

The 1st award went to a Chinese artist while the 2nd award was presented to a Slovakian artist.

Cartoonist Khalil was born in 1973 and he works as a cartoonist at al-Baath Newspaper and at the Syrian TV. He participated in many international exhibitions and harvested a number of international awards.