ISIS terrorists commit new massacre in Palmyra, claiming the lives of 12 civilians

2017-01-19 22:32:18


 ISIS terrorist organization committed a massacre against the residents of Palmyra city in Homs Province, claiming the lives of 12 people.

reporter in the province quoted local sources as saying that the Takfiri organization on Wednesday night killed 12 persons, among them 4 state employees and two teachers whom it had kidnapped earlier.

The sources added that the terrorists of the Takfiri organization sabotaged a number of archeological sites in the city.

On 2015, the Takfiri organization committed a number of massacres in the city of Palmyra, claiming the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians, bombed and destroyed a number of its archeological antiquities, on top of them Baalshamin temple, the Victory Arch and statue of Allat God, as well as looted a number of archeological pieces and smuggled them.