3rd edition of “Mother is our Grace” project launched

2018-06-07 13:04:11

An event to launch the 3rd edition of “al-Umm Barakatuna” (Mother is our Grace) project was launched by Al-Baraka Bank Syria, in cooperation with “Ahel al-Sham” initiative.

The event, launched on Wednesday evening,  aims to support mothers and provide them with their needs to start their own projects.

The event included an Iftar banquet, a film narrating the success story of one mother who established a kindergarten at low cost and a ceremony to honor ideal mothers divided into 4 categories: martyrs’ mothers, alternative mothers who take care and raise children who are not theirs, mothers of individuals with disabilities and breadwinning mothers.

Chief Executive Officer of Al Baraka Bank Syria, Mohammed Abdullah Halabi, said the project aims at empowering women and helping them be more active and productive members in building society.

The event was organized at al-Shabab City in Damascus. The project was launched for the first time in The Mother’s Day in 2017 .