Beating 3000 contestants, a Syrian ranks first at Int’l Abacus Mental-Arithmetic Competition in Malaysia

2018-02-14 13:57:24

The 12-year-old Nour Laith Ibrahim ranked first at the International Abacus Mental-Arithmetic Competition recently held in Malaysia, beating over 3000 contestants from around the world.

In a statement to reporter, Ibrahim said that she was interested in mathematics since the childhood and excelled in this area so she took advanced classes to continue her sciences and achievements which were crowned with taking the first place in Egypt.

She added that she solved 244 math problems in 8 minutes during the mental-arithmetic competition held in Egypt which qualified her to participate in Malaysia International Abacus Mental-Arithmetic Competition, noting that she solved 235 math problems in 8 minutes.

Nour’s mother Reem Atiyeh said that they discovered the talent of their daughter in mathematics and mental-arithmetic activities, so they enrolled her in different workshops and training courses to further improve her math skills.

Nour Ibrahim was born in Deir Ezzor province and now she lives in Egypt with her family.