Syrian dentist Mohammad Emad al-Droubi wins gold medal at Seoul Invention International Fair 2017

2017-12-06 17:08:48

Syrian dentist Dr. Mohammad Emad al-Droubi won the gold medal at the Seoul Invention International Fair 2017 for an invention that eases the pain and reduces the cost of dental implants.

Al-Droubi said that his invention is a small, low-cost device that can be attached to the dental chair and has sufficient power to carry out dental implants safely and easily, unlike conventional devices currently being used which are costly and can damage the jawbone, adding that no materials are needed to insert the implants and it also allows dentists to dispense with the surgical motor used by all implant systems.

The invention reduces the cost of the transplant in a standard way and any patient can be implanted at acceptable rates, according to al-Droubi.

Al-Droubi pointed out that he began work on the invention in 2000 and continued to develop it until 2017, when he produced the current model.