4 habits to maintain skin collagen until after forty

2017-08-20 14:15:17


The dream of every woman lies in maintaining the appearance of her young skin beyond the age of forty ... It is true that it is difficult to achieve this dream without subject to cosmetic agents, but in applying some habits from an early age you can reach the best results possible at the age of forty and away from cosmetic operations . Apply it starting at this hour to maintain the highest possible concentration of collagen and a youthful, vibrant and vibrant skin.

If to increase the proportion of collagen in the skin and maintain it with age, the following steps must be adopted:

- Protect the skin from ultraviolet rays: UV rays have the ability to penetrate the skin and negatively affect the health of collagen, causing over time signs of fatigue and premature aging. Therefore, we recommend that you not overlook one day about the application of sunscreen.

Avoid Smoking: Smoking not only destroys the collagen in the skin, but also reduces the amount of redness, which causes the skin to pale, slow, and wrinkle. In this sense, we advise you to stop and refrain from introducing harmful nicotine to your body, and replace this habit harmful to other health, such as exercise and eating vegetables and fruits.

Facial massage of the face: We recommend that you usually apply facial massage daily, it helps to tighten the muscles and promote blood circulation in the arteries of the face, and thus increase the production of collagen in the skin and maintain it for as long as possible.

- Adopt egg mix and avocado: Egg contains a high proportion of protein that strengthens facial skin and promote the proportion of production of collagen. Also, avocados, a fruit rich in vitamin E, which tortures the skin and maintain its young appearance and freshness for as long as possible. Add to the egg white one half a piece of avocado and mix the ingredients well in the mixer to get a cohesive mix. Apply the mixture to the skin for 30 minutes before discarding with cold water.