Say goodbye to tears when slicing onions!

2017-08-17 12:59:13


Onion is a staple of many dishes, adding a delicious flavor to the food. Despite its delicious taste, onions cause tears and burning of the eyes. How do you get rid of this problem?

Put the onion inside the refrigerator before cutting it off one of the effective ways to stop the tears. All you have to do is put the onions for about 15 minutes in the refrigerator before you begin preparing the food, the cold helps to stop the gas "propanehol" cause tears.

In addition, experts advise cutting off the tips of onions before starting cutting it because the gas is concentrated in the limbs and cause tears to flow.
Also, you can cut onions near the window or fan helps the air to keep the gas away from your face and reduce the flow of tears and can be soaked onions in the water, but leaving it for a long time leads to change taste.

The type of onion used may also make an important difference. The enzymes that cause the tear gas are more concentrated in the white and red onions than the sweet and green onions.