Here are the benefits of "fig liquor"!

2017-08-10 13:44:55


Drink a cup of dried figs daily before eating anything else, which brings you great health benefits.

Benefits of dried figs dried:

1 - works to extend your body a lot of energy and warmth, especially in the winter.

2 - facilitates the process of output and avoid constipation; because it contains many fibers.

3 - helps women in pregnancy; to contain, by a large percentage, the necessary vitamins.

4 - works to strengthen bones and avoid fragility.

5 - prevents the occurrence of strokes.

6 - working on fattening in case you are interested in, and helps to slimming in the case of drinking and sufficiency.

7 - prevents the atrophy of the muscle mass or deterioration of the muscles.

8 - strengthens the teeth, as it is useful for gum infections and mouthwash.