How does the brain solve the problems during sleep?

2017-08-10 13:39:16


A new study suggests that the brain conducts a learning process that involves fixing some memories and erasing others during different sleep stages. This explains that the brain can solve some of the things and problems that humans face and can not reach a decision during wakefulness, as the process of erasure and installation helps to reconstruct the neural connections, and then evaluate things at rest.

Sleep brain activity has been involved in many neuroscientists and brain functions over the last two decades. The latest study, published in the journal Nature Coordination, found that the brain can connect some nerve points during sleep, especially as neural connections regain flexibility during rest hours, enabling them to do better.

During the study conducted at the University of Paris Descartes under the supervision of Professor Thomas Andryon brain activity was monitored for 28 people during sleep, and the activities of nerve links that revealed the brain to erase some information and install others, and reconnect some things again, which helps to Finding solutions to outstanding problems.