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Look younger now
2017-06-15 17:16:55

There are simpler ways to look younger than botox and cosmetic surgery.Try incorporating a few of these habits into your daily routine that won`t just leave you with fresh-looking hair and skin. It will boost your overall energy.Look younger now.

Follow these nine everyday habits that can make you look younger:

1. Limit the heat on your hair: Flat irons and hair dryers damge strands and take away shine.

2. Use suncream everyday: Dermatologists recommend  SPF 30.

3. Use hand lotion regularly: The thin skin on the back of your hands is prone to accelerated aging.

4. Exercise regularly: It improves circulation which will keep your skin looking its best

5. Skip the salt: Sodium can make you retain water, causing puffiness, especially around the eyes.

6. Put down your smartphone: Texting and scrolling may lead to neck wrinkles.

7. Use mouthwash: It flushes grime from your teeth,giving you a brighter grin.

8. Eat high protein foods: Protein helps maintain normal hair production.

9. Get enough sleep: During deep sleep the body produces hormones linked to radiant skin.



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