Wednesday weather forecast: Temperatures rise but remain below average

2017-01-04 11:57:30


Temperatures tend to rise but remain below average by 2 to 3 degrees in most areas as the country is affected by a superficial high air pressure accompanied by western air currents in all layers of the atmosphere.

The Meteorology Department expected in its Wednesday bulletin that the skies will be partly cloudy in general, noting that rain showers are expected in various areas.

The Department warned against formation of frost, ice and fog in the mountains and inland areas.

The winds are southwesterly of low to moderate speed, while the sea waves will be of low amplitude.

The expected temperatures in some main Syrian cities were as follows: Damascus 11/04, Daraa 12/05, Homs 12/06, Lattakia 17/10, Aleppo 10/03 and Deir Ezzor 12/04.