Under patronage of President al-Assad, foundation stone of electricity generation station laid in Lattakia

2019-01-29 22:38:35

Under patronage of President Bashar al-Assad, the foundation stone for the project of Lattakia electricity generation station was laid Tuesday in al-Rasteen village adjacent to 16 of October Dam in presence of Electricity Minister Mohammad Zuhair Kharboutli and Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian.

In a press statement, the Iranian Minister clarified that the project is an introduction for several developmental projects to be carried out by Iran in Syria in the reconstruction stage, pointing out that Iranian engineering companies are ready for implementing other projects within the strategic agreement between the two countries.

In a similar statement, Kharboutli said that the project will put into service in three years, clarifying that it contributes to improving the situation of electricity in Syria and in the coastal region in particular.

The project falls under the Ministry’s plan and strategy for restoring capacity of electricity in Syria the way it used to be before the war.