Today, Mohammed Khairi and Ali Deek .. and tomorrow the end of the days of the exhibition in its 59th

2017-08-25 16:11:03


The artistic events accompanying the Damascus International Fair will continue in its 59th session until the last day. The ceremony will be attended by the artists Mohammed Khairi and Ali Al Deek. The children's theater will perform the play "Story of Juha" and "Coral" (Bab Sharqi).

Tomorrow will conclude artistic events.

The concert will be performed by Hazem Al-Sherif and the play "The Will" by Mamdouh Al-Atrash, written by Faisal Al-Rashed and composed by Mohammad Habash.

On the stage of the child's play will be presented tomorrow (Alice in Wonderland) and the audience on a date with the talented girl Gina Abu Hamdan to be held conclusion.

She expressed her happiness to stand on the stage of the Damascus International Fair.