Mouin Sherif celebrates victory on the land of the Damascus International Fair

2017-08-24 13:28:43


The shining star, Mouin Sharif, confirmed that his concert at Damascus International Fair was a celebration of victory with the Syrians and in Syria he never left. On the contrary, he was always his first home. He considers himself his son regardless of any boundaries imposed by colonialism.

In a press conference held at the Dama Rose Hotel under the patronage of Aman Holding, Sherif said that this celebration holds the joy of victory, accompanied by sadness and sadness for the souls of the martyrs who wrote with their blood victory for Syria. It is a joy mixed with sorrow. Noting that his sense of participation in the exhibition is similar to the feelings carried by the Lebanese in the festival of victory over the Zionist enemy in 2006.

Sharif pointed out that the program of the ceremony carries songs similar to our reality, it is a celebration of joy. Without breaking away from reality. Where there are still burning areas can not be dissuaded, stressing that the attempts to disrupt the exhibition by targeting a number of shells of death, increased his insistence on breaking the barrier of fear as the Syrians who adhere to the will of life force can not be discouraged.

Sharif is currently attending several new songs, one of which will be for Syria, and will be in classical Arabic. Noting a new path to his songs away from sadness, they are songs of joy similar to the reality that is on the path of victory and pride.

He concluded his conference that Syria is winning the victory that paid for martyrs blood, martyrs are victory and they are all glory, and art will turn sadness to joy, to keep Syria's life, Syria steadfastness, and Syria full victory soon.