Ancient markets of Aleppo rise from the ashes

2018-04-06 13:00:59

Rehabilitation works of Khayer Beik Khan and Souk(market) in the Old City of Aleppo will finish on Saturday as part of the project launched by Aleppo Chamber of Commerce to revive the old markets in the city.

The textile Souk includes 70 shops and 40 upper rooms inside the Khan which have been rehabilitated in a way that preserves its significance as a historic archeological site after being vandalized by terrorist groups.

In a press conference, Chairman of Aleppo Chamber of Commerce, Majd Eddin Dabbagh said that reopening the Souk crowns unremitting efforts exerted to help tradesmen and owners of shop return to their shops and start turning the wheels of economic growth again.

Dabbagh added that a study is being conducted in collaboration with international organizations to restore and rehabilitate the vaulted stone ceilings of old markets which include 3300 shops and 36 Khans.

He pointed out the al-Saqtiyeh Souk will be rehabilitated in cooperation with Syria Trust for Development, committees consisting of Aleppo tradesmen will be formed to rehabilitate markets in Dhahret Awwad and Masaken Hanano, in addition to reactivating al-Khaldiyeh Souk as a shopping destination and restoring al-Zarb Souk in the Old City of Aleppo.

He hailed efforts of tradesmen, services and other concerned parties in the governorate to overcome obstacles such as removal of debris, rehabilitation and maintenance works of roads and infrastructure and repairing electrical grids and water and communications networks.