374 industrial facilities resume production in al-Sheikh Najjar Industrial City in Aleppo

2017-07-17 23:13:07

-374 industrial facilities have gradually resumed production in al-Sheikh Najjar industrial area providing more than 1200 job opportunities,  said Hazem Ajjan, Manager of al-Sheikh Najjar Industrial City in Aleppo.

He added that the value of current investments in the city exceeded SYP 4 billion.

Ajjan hailed the support provided by the government and parties concerned to rehabilitate destruction caused by terrorist groups to the production lines, industrial and services facilities and infrastructure and meet the city’s needs in terms of electricity and fuel.

He underlined Aleppo industrialists’ determination to continue production despite all challenges and difficult circumstances.

Industrial city of Sheikh Najjar, 15 km to the city center, is located in the north-eastern part of Aleppo, it is considered as the largest industrial center in the region with 4412 hectare area.